Dear poster presenter!

By tradition, the ISSE conference tries to avoid parallel oral sessions. For this reason, the regular contribution is a poster paper. This year we have registered 95 (!) poster presentations! Congratulations!

We highly appreciate your valuable work and account for it with 6 poster sessions – Thursday, May 9: PS1 to PS2, Friday, May 10: PS3, and Saturday, May 12: PS4, PS5 and PS6.

You are kindly asked to put up your poster(s) as soon as possible after your arrival at the planned location and to remove it before your departure. There will be enough space for all posters for the whole duration of the conference which means that you can invite interested attendees to discussions at your poster whenever it is convenient for you. There will be a map showing the accurate location in the congress center. You do not need to indicate the paper ID on the poster – the paper ID will be used as orientation help directly on the poster walls.

The regular poster size is the DIN A0 format (horizontal: 841 mm, vertical: 1189 mm); the width of the poster walls will be ca. 1 m. Attachment aids will be provided by the organizer.

Short Oral Presentation

95 posters are a lot! In order to allow the presenters to reach those attendees who might be interested in their work each poster session starts with a “Short Oral Presentation” (SOP) of all posters of the respective session. This short presentation has somehow a key role since this is the one and only chance of the presenter to introduce his work to the entire audience of the conference.

The nominal “net” duration of each presentation will be only three minutes (maximum). For all participants who prepare such a short presentation the first time we would like to provide some important recommendations and guidelines:

It seems obvious that in such a short time explanations of subject related details are misplaced (they are well placed in front of your poster). However, it will be well received by the audience if around one minute is used to explain the unsolved problem (state-of-the-art situation) and in the next two minutes is spent to highlight how your work contributes to a solution of the problem. At this point it is important to understand that the scope of ISSE is very wide and maybe the majority of the audience is specialized on another field than yours. Nevertheless, everybody should be able to understand what your work deals with and what it is about.

For this purpose, please prepare a presentation of about three to four slides as PowerPoint or PDF., a reference to your poster ID with big letters making it easy to find your poster, and submit this file per email with the paper ID in the subject line to isse2013 [at] uab [dot] ro no later than May 7th.

Attention: Please understand that the SOPs are also a challenge for the organizers and the respective session chairs. We can only accept you presentation if it is received in time.

Immediately after the SOPs presenters are expected to await interested attendees in front of their poster for detailed subject discussions. All presented posters will be evaluated by a commission and take part at a competition and have the chance to become awarded.

We wish you the best success!