Prof. Gábor Harsányi

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Electronics Technology

Web-based Teaching Tools of Electronics Technology (abstract)

The electronics manufacturing industry becomes a more and more significant factor of the economies in the Central European region. With the increasing demand for qualified professionals, different aspects of education are needed to be focused both for the academic students and the engineers from the industry. Web-based teaching tools can serve as a melting pot for this demand; these materials may merge the different educational approaches, housing the general knowledge and also specialised information on the rapidly developing field of electronics technology.
The presentation summarizes the advantages of the web-based teaching focusing on the two different approaches; also highlighting the main differences between the academic curriculum and the convergence/continuing education of the professionals.
The Department of Electronics Technology (BME, Hungary) has nearly fifteen years of experience in the field of web-based teaching. The presentation also summarizes the history of our web-based tools from the development (and the modernization) of the “Virtual Laboratory”, presenting examples from the renowned “SensEDU” and “MemsEDU” tools and the easily accessible, multi-language “Elect2Eat” system (which was developed in cooperation with different partners from the region). It is also important to highlight the impact of interactivity which may even be compelling for pupils searching for an orientation before choosing a university and profession. This is presented with an interactive disassembly of a smart phone.
The future of web-based teaching also depends on the adaptation skills of the developers. Internet is all around, thanks to the mobile devices; this improved accessibility may also help these tools to obtain a larger share from the education in the very near future.