Visit of the Turda Salt Mine: a real museum of salt mining in Transylvania (Bus trip)

Friday, May 10th, 14:30

The Turda Salt Mine is today a genuine history museum of Salt exploitation. The excellent condition of the mining compartments and the equipment used for salt transportation, as well as the care with which the mine was prepared for touristic use, have turned it into a place of mingled history and legend. The ever higher number of tourists coming here from most various parts of the world to visit the mine is, but a confirmation of its historical and touristic value.

Modernization of the mine transformed, Salina Turda in one of the sights of Transylvania:


Rudolph Mine: building a panoramic lift, a mini golf track, two tracks mini bowling, a sports field, a 180-seat amphitheater, a carousel was built and a playground for children.


Theresa Mine opened to the public; access is possible through mine hearth circulation compartment by stairs or a lift. Underground lake has been arranged to give the tourists a romantic boat ride to 112 m deep in the mountain of salt.


A temperature of about 7°C is constant in the mine, therefore warm clothing and stout footwear are recommended.